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Anatol Zukerman


I started drawing at the age of seven and have continued to this day. At the age of twenty four I became an architect and am still practicing architecture and city planning. In high school I discovered that I could write well and gradually became a published writer, poet, translator and teacher. After many years of study and practice I have developed my own style in art, architecture and literature. In my architectural practice I specialize in energy-efficient design, the use of solar energy and a sustainable city planning. As a professional artist and writer I concentrate on real socio-political issues that keep shaping the human habitat. I have lived and worked in Russia, Italy and in the United States of America, and I have witnessed the historical changes in these countries. I travelled extensively visiting Russia, Poland, Romania, Austria, England, France, Spain, Italy, Canada and Mexico. I graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture and the Harvard School of Design and taught literature, art and architecture at Brandeis University, Boston Architectural Center, Newton Free Library, the Sun City art club in South Carolina, and Plymouth Art Center in Massachusetts. My articles were published in many magazines and newspapers and my art was exhibited in Russia, Italy and the United States.

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