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      When I was a student at Moscow Institute of Architecture, the Soviet dictator Khrushchev ordered us to abandon the Stalin’s architectural “embellishments” and to design utilitarian structures of the International Style. Since that time I followed the thorny path of world architecture to “Brutalist”, to “Post Modernist”, to “De-Constructivist”, to “Neo-Modernist” styles. I traveled from the Mies Van der Rohe’s dictum “Form Follows Function” to Phillip Johnson’s “Form Follows Form”, to William Blake’s “Form Follows Fiasco”, to the popular observation “Form Follows Money”. While working for large and small architectural firms I had to obey the latter imperative, but at the same time I worked on various design competitions and won two of them in the United Stated and one in Canada. I was inspired by a few “signature” architects such as Stanley Tigerman and Shin Takamatsu and designed structures that can be described as “Anthropomorphic” (see “Smart House”). In 1991 I established my own architectural firm “Archiart Associates” and continued working on small projects and large city planning proposals.

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