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Stephan Richter

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Globalist and President of The Globalist Research Center

      Stephan Richter is the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Globalist, the daily online magazine on the global economy, politics and culture, which he founded and launched in January 2000. He also is the President of The Globalist Research Center.



      In addition, he is the presenter of the Marketplace Globalist Quiz, which is aired on public radio stations all across the United States as part of NPR’s Morning Report. Mr. Richter has also frequently appeared on leading television and radio programs such as CNN International and PBS’s Newshour.



     He has moderated more than 150 policy events in Washington, D.C., featuring prime ministers, CEOs, Nobel laureates and heads of international organizations.His articles and views have appeared in such publications as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Le Monde, Singapore’s Straits Times, South China Morning Post, Bangkok Post, Al Ahram, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, Die Welt, Die Zeit and Foreign Affairs.





Charles Krause

founding director of the "Charles Krause/Reporting FineArt" gallery

       Charles Krause is founding director of the "Charles Krause/Reporting FineArt" gallery in Washington D.C., devoted to showcasing political fine art from around the world.



      Charles Krause was first introduced to contemporary art as a teenager, when his parents began collecting work by Henry Moore, Alberto Giacometti, Louise Nevelson and other important 20th century artists. His own collection of more than 100 oils and drawings reflects his interest in social and political change, ranging from an early 18th Century portrait of the last Inca, created by an anonymous Peruvian mestizo artist as a protest against Spanish colonial rule; original propaganda posters from the Russia and North Vietnam; to the work of the non-conformist Soviet artists Vladimir Nemuchin, Leonhard Lapin, Maxim Kantor and Alexandr Zhdanov.





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